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Rose & Bengal Bay Popsicles


  • 60gm Spreadit Rose Silver Champagne Spread
  • 600ml Bengal Bay Tonic 
  • 200ml water
  • 5 gm dried Rose Petals
  • 180ml Gin of choice (if wanted)


  1. Using a ice lolly mould** put spoonfuls** of Spreadit's Rose Silver Champagne Jam at the base. 
  2. In a jar mix together** all the liquids and carefully pour into the mould.** 
  3. Place some dried rose petals** on the top and pop it into the freezer over night.
  4. Serve Frozen.**

**Step out of your comfort and speak up against crimes against women, especially Dalit women in our society.

**Of anger against the systematic dehumanising of women and Dalits.

**Your disenchantment with the current societal order.

**To cast a new more just, more equal and a more healthy society. 

** On the ashes of the oppressive systems you've burnt to the ground.

** Since you've hopefully also now solved global warming.



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