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"Please order some spreads, our breakfasts have been very sad these days since we do not have any yummy spreads"

Mr. Mohan Thadani via Shaan Thadani

"Omg, why don't all the jams out there taste this good, if I give you a million dollars will you tell me the secret."

Jigmey Wangchuck

"I have already eaten 2 bottles in 2 days, how many do you think I can possibly consume without risking falling sick"

Chanakya Prakash Ranjan

"These jams are soooo yum, the Earl Grey Kahlua has become my breakfast staple and the Fig Ginger Whiskey for my cocktail hour"

Juhi Bansal

Do Exactly That

Zero Waste Philosophy

Zero waste, cyclical and holistic, instead of  a tunnel vision on our projection report, this start up hones in on the entire life cycle of all the bits and bobs of our product. 

We work hard to procure in-season organic produce, work out our carbon economics and then work with a select few handpicked vendors who are as committed to the planet as they are to making a living. 

Our packaging is a 100% reusable and recyclable with zero plastic. 

Orange Espresso Kahula

Looking for something special? Our Orange Espresso Kahula spread is just that!